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Golf Drive or Golf Tee-Shot

Golf Drive or Golf Tee-Shot The Drive or the Tee-Shot is the first Shot you take on each Hole. Obviously your main purpose is to get the Golf Ball into the Hole in the fewest number of strokes. On Par 3 holes you will use your Tee Shot to try to get your golf ball on the green and possibly even in the Hole. On a Par 4 and on a Par 5 your purpose will be to cover as much distance as you possibly can while at the same time avoiding the hazards. A good long drive can leave you with an easy pitch or even chip shot to reach the green. The Drive or Tee Shot is taken from the Tee-Box of a Par-four or Par-five. On a Par-three it is just called a Tee-Shot. The Driver or 1-wood Golf Club is used for this type of Shot.

The Golf Drive Swing

The key to longer and more accurate tee shots is to perfect your stance, grip and, most importantly, your Full Golf Swing. The Tee Shot requires the greatest swing and in your quest to increase your driving distance your tee shot might go wild. Try to focus on all the different steps in the swing and read our sections on each part to learn about how to perform them:
Start out with shorter range clubs probably even beginning with an Iron 3 and then making your way to Iron 1. Once you are able to hit a Iron 1 strong, straight and on target then move on to the woods. The 5 or 3 Wood is an excellent step towards going for the Driver or Wood 1. When using your Driver for the first time go for accuracy and perfecting your technique before trying to maximize distance. Golf is a game of accuracy and technique not of brute force.

Things To Consider When Teeing

  • Before taking the Tee-Shot, look around and check the worst possible places your ball may land into. Once you know those places, avoid them at all cost.
  • Check the possible results of different Ball Flights. What happens if you make a slice, a pull or a push?
  • If you decide to take risk, make sure the reward is greater or the Penalty is less than severe.
  • For beginners, when Driving the ball in a par-three or par-four, you may use a Three-Wood or other club with which you can hit the ball straight off the Tee instead of the Driver. Do not sacrifice too much accuracy for distance.
  • When Teeing on a par-five, you may experiment on your Driver since distance is a little more important here. But do not try this when trees or other Hazards are very close to the sides of the Fairway. If this is the case, sacrifice distance to hit the ball relatively straight.

Professional Golfers and Top Amateurs will be able to average their Drives at about 240-260 yeards. Of course much longer Drives are possible and the Guinness Book of Records gives the honor of the longest Carry of a Golf Ball to America's Jack Hamm, at Highlands Ranch, Colorado, USA, on July 20, 1993 when he reached 418.78 m (458 yards). So practice!

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