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Reading the Green

Reading the Green Putting is a combination of the good Putting Techniques including a good Putting Swing and knowing where to aim and target your Golf Ball. Before you get out your Putter and take a swing you will need to Read the Green. In this section we give you some guidelines on Reading the Green:
  • Slope of the Green
    In your mind try to analyse all the the curves and bumps that lead from your balls position to the hole. Take the surrounding terrain into consideration as well so you can identify places that would cause your ball to take other directions.

  • Length of the Green Grass
    Analyse the grass on the green. The shorter the grass, the faster the golf ball will role on it.

  • Firmness of the Green
    Analyse the firmness of the Green. The firmer the Green the faster the ball will role. Especially wet Greens can slow down a ball dramaticaly.

  • Direction of the Grass Grain
    Grass blades are generally pressed to one direction. If you Putt against the grain, the Putt will be slower. If your Putt is going to the direction of the grain, the Golf ball will roll faster.

  • Type of Green Grass
    Bentgrass Greens are cut much lower than Bermuda Greens so the Golf ball will be faster in Bentgrass than in Bermuda. Bentgrass doesn't have grains, so you won't need to mind grains when you are Playing Golf in a Bentgrass Green.

  • Wind
    Plays a subtle effect on your Putt. If the wind is blowing in your face at 20 miles per hour or faster, your Putt will be a foot short from the hole so put a bit harder.

Reading the Green carefully willl tell you where to aim your ball. This is a very important step so carefully remember the guidelines we have prepared for you to be able to read the green and help you determine your swing and the speed of your putt.

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