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Chipping - Making a Chip Shot

After the Tee Shot or a fairway drive, you are likely to end up just outside the Green with only a short distance to go to the hole. This is where the Chip Shot and Pitch Shot come into play. The Chip Shot is a technical short distance shot taken from about 30 yards around the Green. Pitch Shots are mostly made with less lofted Irons like the 5 or 7 Iron. There are two general shot types that can be achieved with Chipping:

  • Bump and Run Shot
    A Bump and Run Shot will cause the Golf Ball to jump in a relatively low trajectory, bump on the Green, run over the Green and hopefully into the hole. When making this type of Golf Shot, it is advisable to use lower loft Golf Clubs, like an 8, 7 or 6 Iron. Take an Open Stance and play the ball back. The Clubface should be hooded so that the club plays with less loft than normal. Make a Back Swing that is just enough to give you some shot power. Then strike with a downward blow, hitting the ground and the Golf Ball at the same time. Finish the shot with a sweep on the hitting area and follow-through.

  • Flop Shot
    This type of Golf Shot is used when you want your ball to have a very high trajectory for instance if something is in your way, Sand and Water Hazard for instance. The trick is to open the Clubface and get the club under the ball to pop it up.

STEP 1: Open your stance so you will be able to see the target line clearly. Your feet should be positioned a little to the left of the Golf Ball. Lean a bit forward and slightly bend your knees.

STEP 2: Check the area first before hitting the Golf Ball. Look at the spot where you want the ball to land.

STEP 3: Make a Back Swing. Cock your wrist a little to promote a downward blow through the shot.

STEP 4: In the follow-through, do not flip your left wrist. It should be in a straight line after hitting the ball.

Chipping is quite an easy thing to do. Have the correct stance and learn the proper technique of making a chip shot. Mastering the right Chipping technique will help you a lot on your game.

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