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Golf Basics and Background Information

  What is Golf?
Learn about the definition of Golf and take a quick look at what the Game of Golf entails.

  Golf History
Find about the History of Golf, How Golf Started at St. Andrews and How Golf Evolved into a billion dollar industry.

  Why Play Golf?
Take a look at why many people enjoy Playing Golf and the Health Benefits of Golf and other Reasons why people Play Golf.

Golf - Getting Started
This section provides an insight on the entire Game of Golf, How Golf is Played, the basic Golf Equipment and Golf Techniques.

  Beginner's Golf Equipment
Take a look at the list of the Basic Golf Equipment for Beginners, what they do and when and how to use them.

  Golf Lesson
Find out the benefits of acquiring Golf Lessons and proper Golf Instruction in this section.

  Golf Schools
Nowadays, it is easy to learn how to play Golf. With the onset of numerous Golf Schools out there, one can easily learn the basics of the sport in a matter of days.

  Golf Warm-Up Exercises
Learn some Warm-Up Exercises to help you stay fit and gain flexibility required for Golf.

  Golf Fitness Training
Need to improve your game? Then these training exercises just might do the trick!

  Basic Golf Techniques
This section is an overview on the Golf Swing, Golf Grip and Golf Stance.

  Golf Driving Range Practice
Find out what to do when you go to a Driving Range to Practice Golf.

  Golf Game Rules
Learn more about the basic Rules, Regulations and Principles in Playing Golf: how to score, equipment rules, the penalties and the basic Game rules of the Golf.Game

  Golf Handicaps
A handicap represents, in numbers, a golfer’s playing ability.

  Golf Etiquette
Learn more about Golf Behavior Guidelines for the amateur and professional Golfer in this section.

  Cheating in Golf
This article covers some guidelines on how to spot Cheating in Golf.

Golf Course

  Golf Course - Parts
Learn about the Parts of the Golf Course, What the Part is like and What you do in the specific Part of the Golf Course in this section.

  Par Holes - Types
This section provides an insight on the Par-Three, Par-Four and Par-Five Golf Hole position and basic Strategies on playing these Holes.

  Golf Course - Types
This section provides a description of the different Types of Golf Course, the Tee Time affordability, and the Golf Course Type features.

  How to Choose a Golf Course
This section is a guide for Choosing a Golf Course that suits your Budget, Preferences and Golf Skills.

  Golf Tees - Types
Take a look at the Different Golf Tees - White, Red, Blue and Black and find out what they mean when it comes to distance and target group.

  Golf Course Map
Learn more about a Map of the golf course to help you on your way around.

Golf Techniques

  Golf Stance - Foot & Golf Ball Positioning
It is essential to learn about Proper Feet Position and Techniques of doing the Golf Stance.

    Setting Up - Stance & Ball Position
Learn the principles on how you can have a Good Golf Stance in this section.

    Golf Stance - Types
Take a detailed look on the Types of Golf Stance: Square Stance, Open Stance and Closed Stance.

  Golf Grip
In this section, learn how to hold a Golf Club and the different kinds of Golf Grips used.

  Golf Full Swing
Execute the Full Golf Swing properly by knowing the principles behind the movements - the Back Swing, the Down Swing and the Follow-Through.

    Golf Back Swing
Learn about the Golf Backswing - the first step on the Golf Swing where you take your Golf Club away from the Golf Ball to prepare for the Downswing.

    Golf Down Swing
Learn how to perform the Perfect Golf Downswing in this section.

    Golf Follow-Through
Don't lose the speed, do the Follow-through - the last step in the Golf Swing.

  Golf Approach Shots
Getting Your Ball onto the Green with Golf Techniques called Pitching and Chipping can be learned in this section.

    Pitching - Making a Pitch Shot
Learn about the Picthing Shot Techniques in this section.

    Chipping - Making a Chip Shot
Golf Chipping Techniques, a guide on making a Chip Shot in Golf is discussed here.

  Golf Putting
Learn all about Putting: Reading the Green, Putting Grip, Stance and the Putting Swing.

    Golf Putting Swing
Learn the Putting Swing by applying the correct Putting Swing Technique.

    Golf Club - Putters
Learn the characteristics of the Putter, Types of Putter and how to use it to win the game.

    Golf Putting Techniques
Learn How to Get your Ball under your control when you are Putting.

    Reading the Green
Be able to read the Green to determine your Swing and the Speed of your Putt.

  Golf Shot Techniques
Learn more about the different types of Golf Shots here in this section.

    Golf Drive or Golf Tee-Shot
Learn how to make the perfect Tee Shot or Drive by reading this section.

    Bunker Shot and other Hazard Shots
Learn about the different Golf Hazards and the techniques on how to deal with them.

    Bad Golf Shots
Learn the Types of Bad Golf Shots, how they happen and the techniques to eliminate these shots.

    Golf Penalty Shots
This section contains a list of Golf Penalty Shots and what their consequences are.

  Golf Ball Flights
Learn more about the different types of Golf Ball Flights and how to deal with them.

Golf Equipment and Gear Overview

  Golf Clubs
Everything you need to know about Golf Clubs can be found in this section from Golf Club Types, Choosing the Golf Clubs, Golf Club Buying Guide, Golf Club Features to Golf Club Facts.

    Golf Clubs - Parts and Features
Find out what comprises a Golf Club in this section.

    Golf Clubs - Types
Learn the Features and Use of each of the Type of Golf Club - the Driver, Fairway Woods, Irons and the Putter in this section.

    Golf Clubs - Shaft Size
Determine the correct Golf Club Size for you and the Perfect Shaft length that will allow you to take a good Golf Swing.

    Golf Club Buying Guide - How to Buy Golf Clubs
Learn how to buy new and used Golf Clubs using our detailed Golf Club Buying Guide.

    Golf Clubs - Care & Maintenance
Learn how to take care of your Golf Clubs in this section.

    Golf Club Table
A list of the basic things you need to know about your Golf Clubs: the Shaft Length, the Distance and the Loft.

    How to Choose a Golf Club
Learn how to choose what Golf Club to use for the situation you are in on the Golf Course

  Golf Club Shafts
A long tapered pipe that connects the Golf Club head to the grip is the shaft, which is considered by some golfers as the engine of the Golf Club.

  Golf Balls
Learn about Golf Balls as well as the Golf Ball features and characteristics in this section.

  Golf Ball Buying Guide - How to Buy Golf Balls
This section contains a Guide on Buying Golf Balls with the Right Spin that will improve your Golf Game.

  Golf Gloves
A brief description of the Golf Gloves, the materials used in Golf Gloves and the Benefits of Using Golf Gloves can be found in this section.

  Golf Gloves Buying Guide - How to buy Golf Gloves
Learn how to Buy Golf Gloves in this section.

  Golf Bags
Find out everything you need to know about Golf Bags in this section.

    Golf Bags - Types
This section describes the different Types of Golf Bags, their materials, and their features.

    Tips on Carrying a Golf Bag
Learn how to use a Carry Golf Bag without breaking your back.

    Golf Bag Buying Guide - How to Buy Golf Bags
This section is a guide on Finding and Buying Golf Bags that fits your needs, your game and your budget.

  Golf Shoes
Learn all about Golf Shoes, the Features of Golf Shoes and how to Buy Golf Shoes

    Golf Shoes - Features
Find out why Golf Shoes differ from normal shoes and why they help your golf game.

    Golf Shoes Buying Guide - How to Buy Golf Shoes
Learn how to Buy Golf Shoes with the help of our Golf Shoes Buying Guide.

  Golf Clothing & Apparel
Know the Proper Golf Attire by reading this section.

  Golf Hats
There are various reasons why you should make golf hats a part of your golfing attire.

  Golf Gadgets and other Golf Gear
Learn about all secondary Golf Equipment: Tees, Ball Markers, Distance Finders, Scorekeepers, Club Headcover and much more.

  Golf Cards
This section provides an insight on the Golf Cards, their benefits and features.

Golf Tournaments

  Basic Ways to Play Golf
Learn more about the Basic Ways to Play Golf in Tournaments - Stroke Play and Match Play.

  Major Golf Tournaments
Everything you need to know about the basic information on the Major Golf Tournaments can be found here.

  Golf Tournament Champions
This section provides a list of Golfers who became Champions in the major Golf Tournaments from 1980-2004.

  Golf Tournaments - Official World Golf Ranking
Take a look at the Official World Golf Ranking at in this section.

Golf Safety & Guidelines

  Golf Injury Prevention
Take a look at common Golf Injuries like Blisters and Muscle Aches and learn how to prevent and treat them.

  Treatment for Common Golf Injuries
There is a common misconception that golf is a sport with little risk of injury. This article will describe the most common injuries and offer brief recommendations for treatment of these injuries.

  Golf Safety Tips
Here are some tips on how to be on the safe side at all times when playing Golf.

  How To Stay Hydrated During A Round Of Golf
If the idea of staying hydrated during a round of golf means an ice chest full of cold beer, you may need to read this article.

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