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Golf Basics and Background Information

Know what Golf is generally about by reading this section. This section provides you all the essential information you need to know about the wonderful sport of Golf. By reading the following sections, you will know what Golf is generally about, learn its origins, discover why people pursue Golf, and understand the basic terms used exclusively in this sport.

What is Golf? What is Golf?
Learn what Golf is generally about by reading this section. This section provides an overview about the basics of Golf such as how a game goes and how the scores are measured.

Golf History Golf History
Golf is a very old game. This section contains a brief history about Golf. You will learn about the origins of Golf and how it became popular around the world. Read on and have a brief history lesson.

Why Play Golf? Why Play Golf?
Golf enthusiasts have various reasons why they take the sport. Read this section and you will learn the most common factors that drive people to pursue this sport.

Golf Dictionary Golf Dictionary
This is our compilation of words or terms about Golf and its aspects. Make use of our Dictionary and understand what Golfers are talking about.

This section serves as an introduction about Golf. Now that you have already learned what Golf is generally about, its origins, as well as the reasons why Golf enthusiasts pursue this sport, you may now proceed with the Beginner's Guide to Golf which aims to help anyone who has not played Golf before.
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