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Golf Clubs - Parts and Features

Golf Clubs are the most essential piece of equipment in the game of Golf. Golf Clubs are used in making the Golf Swing which hopefully results in the Golf Ball flying towards the hole.

Move the mouse cursor over the dot to view the definition or function of each part of the Golf Club.

Golf Club Grip

The Golf Club Grip is the top part of the Golf Club where we place our hands and Grip the Golf Club. These are the Kinds of Grip Golf Clubs might have:
  • Natural Leather Grips. Grips that are made of natural leather are the most expensive and are less water resistant. These Club Grips are also easy on the hands.
  • Synthetic Leather Grips.Are less expensive than those made with natural leather, but with almost the same features. Synthetic leather Grips are less durable than Rubber Grips.
  • Rubber Grips.Grips made of rubber are the cheapest and most durable Golf Club Grips. Rubber Grips are highly water resistant and are easiest to install.
  • Cord Grips. Cord Grips have rough surface and provides Firmer Grasp through rain, sweat or snow. You need tough hands for this Type of Grip.

Golf Club Shaft

The Golf Club Shaft is the middle part of the Golf Club that connects the Grip to the Club Head. Most Golf Club Shafts are made out of steel or graphite. The longer the Golf Club Shaft, the farther the distance that can be reached with the Golf Club. For more information reach our section on choosing the correct Shaft Size.

Golf Club Head

The Golf Club Head is the bottom part of the Golf Club. The Clubhead is the Part of the Golf Club that actually hits the ball and they come in various shapes and sizes that all have a great effect on the Golf Ball Flight. Most Golf Clubheads are made from wood, steel or titanium. A Golf Clubhead consists of the following parts:
  • Clubface
    The Clubface is the area that hits the ball. Hitting the Ball with other parts aside from the face makes your ball go to a different direction and not towards your target. An example of this is the Shank or hitting your ball with the side of the club thus making the Ball Fly in almost a right angle.

  • Toe and Heel
    The Heel is the part of the Clubhead that is attached to the Shaft. The other end of your Clubhead is called the Toe.

  • Sole
    This is the Part of the Clubhead that rests on the ground. The Sole is designed depending on the use of your Club. The Driver's Sole is broad and flat making it glide on the ground.

  • Grooves.
    The Clubface has a set of horizontal Grooves that helps in putting spin on the ball. Spin makes the ball fly higher and roll less when it lands.

  • Hosel
    The Hosel is the hole or opening where the Shaft connects to the Clubhead.

Golf Club Features

A golf club can have many features and characteristics that influence your Golf Shot in terms of the spin and the flight of your ball. The spin and the flight are important considerations in choosing the Clubs you should use in a particular situation. Each Club is made with different degrees of Loft and different Grooves.
  • Grooves
    As explained, the Grooves on the Clubface creates a backspin. These Grooves promotes ball flight and lessens the roll.

  • Loft
    The Loft is the degree that the Clubface is tilted away from the center of the Shaft. The higher the Loft your club has, the higher you can get your ball up in the air and the shorter the distance. Long shafted clubs with a bit of Loft makes a long, low shot with a bit of roll. Higher Loft means your club will make your ball fly high and land without rolling very much.

  • Weight
    The weight of your golf club will depend on its overall size and the materials used. Some people prefer heavier golf clubs as it gives them more a better feeling of control. Others prefer lighter clubs to make powerful swings less cumbersome. Heavier clubs do help in making a harder impact on the golf ball. Club Weight depends on your own personal preferences.

  • Length
    The weight length of your Golf Club differs per club and is also dependent on your own length. Read our section on Golf Club Sizing for more information on choosing a correct club size.

A Golf Club might look like a simple instrument but it is a highly technical piece of Equipment. Understanding the Different Parts of the Golf Club is the first step to better understand Golf Clubs and selecting the correct one.

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